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What if you possessed a skill set that allowed you to prevent many conflicts from ever arising and effectively deal with those that do?

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Mission Statement:

To inspire moments of self-discovery in a practical manner, leading to critical thinking and positive outcomes for all we encounter.

Get to Know Us 

The founder is a certified Domestic Relations mediator for the state of Indiana and also holds an AAS in Human Services, a bachelor's degree in psychology, and a master's degree in education. For over a decade, Ron has worked as a program coordinator for a rites of passage program serving males ages 9-17 in inner-city schools and also has over a decade of experience coaching girls' youth and travel basketball. After several school administrators suggested that "everyone" needed the information he taught, Ron spent months brainstorming, compounding best practices from his practical experience, and utilizing his education. He, thus developed

            Conflict Circumvention LLC.


My name is Ron Jackson

Founder/Mediator/Cultural Coach

Trainings are available face to face or virtual.

All 4 modules are taught to the same cohort over two quarters or companies may select for a one-shot PowerPoint presentation of all modules.

Our Services

Conflict Circumvention LLC understands
that mediation gives both disputing parties the most control over the outcome of their litigation. Mediation is much less formal than taking a case to court and is the most economical and practical form of conflict resolution. For more information on our mediation services e-mail us today! 

For information on our conflict management training services please see below:

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Our Clients Say:

Dr. Anita Silverman 

"I think the information/ content is good and helpful."

Brandon Randall - Founder - Tru Colors Consulting

" I like the curriculum. Going over culture and stereotypes creates a space to form/ strengthen empathy, which contributes to better communication and understanding."

Commander Susan Hill
Former Commander SW district Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. (IPMD)

"Very relevant and necessary."

Coach Armstong 

Assistant Varsity Football Coach

George Washington High School- Indianapolis, In.

"The session that we had was truly a Blessing. Our student athletes responded well. They were engaged and listening. The style of speaking was in a way they could comprehend and relate to. The Q&A part of our session was amazing! Many of my guys interacted and were enlightened on the information given. We Thank You."  


Jack Thomas

 Director L.A.S.E.R. Project Inc.

Conflict Circumvention is a great tool and resource that every individual and agency should use; it helps put the basic needs of life into perspective and helps with life's daily hassles. I guarantee you will know how to better problem solve and get through a successful day after this training."

Barry Wagner

Former NFL player & Arena Football League (AFL) Hall of Famer.

“This is important! The mind controls everything. Even when you're training physically the minds controls how far you can or can't go, physically and in life. You have to train your mind too!”



 Featured   Clients:



It is the presumption of Conflict Circumvention LLC. (CC LLC.) that information must be engaging and relatable for it to be effective- memorable (ERE). Thus, this training is interactive and discussion based. CC LLC. is keenly aware that there are other cognitive approaches that may align with conflict management. However, we chose Choice Theory due to its practicality, as it is our intent that individuals be able to grasp and utilize said skills in their daily experiences.This manual speaks to training the trainer with step by step instructions. For more information on this training manual email us today @








Have you ever thought, “I wish I had known that sooner?" That’s the whole idea behind Later Lessons. Thoughts and concepts that the authors would tell their younger selves and adult children. As Conflict Circumvention LLC explores the use of effective communication and critical thinking in the workplace and life in general, Later Lessons has a greater concentration on starting the conversation around personal and romantic relationships. Order your copy today in paper back or Kindle version on Amazon at

What reviews say

"This was an excellent read. It’s like having an intriguing discussion with two of your best friends after sharing a meal you all cooked together. It’s familiar and warm. Guaranteed you will see yourself (and your friends/family) in love relationships that could have used these bits of wisdom and reflections from beginning to end. I really like the exploration of being evenly yoked culturally. It plays a big part in understanding one’s intrinsic values and if cohesion/compromise isn’t valued at the beginning...incompatibility is going to show up. This was a well-written, first book from a couple you can tell has a mature love and true friendship. It’s honest and endearing. Hoping for more titles to come as they journey through life. Grab your loved one, teens or young adult children, family members or friends and read this one together. Should make for some interesting discoveries". -Reader - Aniki

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